top engineering company in Nigeria imageCeuper Marl Limited is engaged in providing Technical support, advisory services, project management and construction supervision services to consultants, construction, and oil and gas industry stakeholders and implementers.

Schwartz Procurement Services Limited {SP5} is an international procurement services company with special focus on the procurement, supply and installation of Geotextiles where it is the exclusive African distributor of Terram and Tencate brands, the two largest construction fabric brands as well as GSE Geomembrane lining system, the high-performance impervious High-Density Polyethylene (HDP) and (LDPE) liners used for the construction of Landfill and other waste containment structures.

These superb Engineering construction products have greatly helped to reduce project costs to our clients, reduced environmental damage, shortened the time of construction and ensured the highest quality of finished works.

SPS also supplies and operates Waste Recycling plants, desalination plants as well as site safety and ancillary products like hand railing and fencing barrier.

Only recently Schwartz TME completed the supply of the high-performance LME fencing systems at the Uyo International Airport perimeter.

Schwartz Kristoffel also provides drainage solutions for municipal and large scale infrastructural developments in conjunction with Polypipe UK

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