Geomembranes in Nigeria

For containment ranging from Oil to Water to Waste, Schwartz Kristoffel provides a wide range of impermeable liners or Geomembranes in Nigeria

Product / Property HDPE fPP PVC Bitumen Copolymer Concrete Clay
Permeability Impermeable +++ ++ ++ permeable permeable permeable
Durability +++ + o - - -
UV-Resist +++ + designed + - --
Chemical Resist +++ - + ++ ++(w.additv) +
Deformation + ++ ++ ++ - +
Cost low high ? low ? ?
Resistance to roots and rats +++ + -- -- + ---
  • Landfills and Landfill Capping
  • Drilling Mud Waste Pits
  • Sludge disposal Tanks
  • Aromatic basins
  • Integrated Tank and Storage area Spill Containment for stored hydrocarbons and other chemicals
  • Underlays for temporary access matting systems in drilling sites

Product Family

Geosynthetics products as manufactured by GSE include:
  • Geomembranes (Flexible Membrane Liner, FML)
  • Drainage Geocomposites (HDPE core + Nonwoven)
  • GCL'S (Bentonite, encapsulated between Nonwovens).
The raw material primarily used is HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), a polymer that is well known since 40 years, thorougly tested, and that is nowadays primary source for engineered applications in water & oil containment.
A Pioneer In Geosynthetics And Flexible Structures In Nigeria

Geosynthetics in Nigeria

Our Technology and Materials Engineering Division has pioneered a number of new technologies in Africa especially in the fields of Geosynthetics and Flexible
structures in Environmental protection works, making our company the clear leader in the construction of Landfills,
Storm water drainage works, Road embankment protection, Shore Protection and Soil Erosion control works where we have been entrusted with a number of key developmental
projects which we have executed with distinction and are today contributing to the economic development of our Nation.

Geotextiles are among the most versatile and cost-effective ground modification materials. Their use has expanded rapidly into nearly all areas of civil, geotechnical, environmental, coastal, and hydraulic engineering.

Geotextiles provides the Engineer with economical solutions to a variety of construction problems. By virtue of their remarkable durability, their isotopic characteristics and specifically engineered mechanical and hydraulic qualities, Geotextiles are Ideal for the following applications:


  • Soil Grade Separation
  • Filtration / Drainage
  • Erossion Control
  • Soil Reinforcement
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Subgrade Stabilization
  • Retaining Structures
  • Drainage and filtration
  • Base reinforcement of embankments
  • Landfill Liner protection
  • Flood Protection Dykes
  • Filter for Gabions Systems
  • Canals and Resevoirs

Geosynthetics in road and pavement systems

The use of Geotextiles has significantly advanced the practicability and constructability of many projects while also keeping costs at a minimum.

Design and Installation Support. Prompt Delivery.

Schwartz does not just supply our clients Geotextiles, we provide them option for a complete service from design support to material supply right to site installation supervision. We stand by our clients and their projects all the way even after the construction phase for any post construction support.

Schwartz holds local stocks of various grades of Geotextiles from Woven and non-Woven Geotextiles to Geocomposite; Geogrids and Geocells at all times. And with offices and depots in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja we guarantee prompt delivery to any site in Nigeria to ensure that critical project schedules are met.

Quality Delivered

Schwartz distributes only the finest quality Geotextiles manufactured by TENCATE, and TERRAM the world industry leaders. Our exclusive distributorship and partnership with these renowned manufacturers ensure that only the finest quality of Geotextiles are assured when a client comes to Schwartz for their geotextile needs.

With the backing of the global resources of our suppliers and partners, Schwartz has for the past fifteen years been instrumental in providing cost effective Geosynthetic solutions to some of the most completed foundation Engineering problems encountered on construction sites in the various parts of Nigeria.

The experience gathered on these projects has given Schwartz an unquantifiable resource which our clients have constantly enjoyed.

Geotextiles and Other Geosynthetics Products in Nigera

Geosynthetics are used for ground stabilization, erosion control and environmental protection works in roads, bridges, airport runways, railways, shore protection works and slope stabilization as well as in landfill applications.

Schwartz has leveraged on its special sales and technical service partnerships with major industry leaders all over the world, to provide all year round, availability of materials, reducing project lead time and cost. Some of the major brands represented by Schwartz includes; GSE, Tencate Polyfelt, Terram, Lotrak, Bidim and Mirafi. We provide expert advice on the right geosynthetic product to use and how to deploy the materials for maximum effect.

Schwartz Kristoffel - A Name Synonymous With Geotextiles and Geocomposites in Nigeria.

Schwartz Kristoffel is a pioneer in the supply and installation of Geotextiles and other Geosynthetics materials in Nigeria. So far, the company has installed over 1,000,000m2 of Geosynthetics construction sites in different geological and geomorphological formations in Nigeria and for varying applications. From Soil stabilization to embankment reinforcement, shore protection to erosion control on slopes, Schwartz has seen through it all!

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