Terrain HydroMax provides an advanced Siphonic Roof Drainage solution offering full compliance with BS 8490:2007 using TERRAIN FUZE BBA certified pipes and fittings. Terrain's self-cleaning, high velocity flow HydroMax siphonic roof drainage system offers a quick and efficient way to remove large volumes of rainwater from roofs in controlled manner. Designed to accommodate recent changes in storm patterns, as stipulated in bS EN 12056-3:2000 it uses siphonic principles to 'suck' the rainwater from the roof into small diameter pipes, creating a flow capacity up to ten times greater than that of an equivalent gravity-fed system.
Specially designed high flovv siphonic roof drain eliminates air ingress to promote speedy priming
  • Pipes run horizontally within building envelope
  • Reduces underground drainage requirements
  • Up to 45% cost saving overall
  • Exceptionally accurate design software
  • Easy routing of rainwater from roof to desired discharge location, making system an ideal partner for rainwater harvesting

Distinctive shapes I exceptional performance

Quality product, innovation and outstanding service - the combined promise that ensures every one of Terrain's five rainwater drainage systems will surpass your requirements, whatever the installation you're specifying. Large or small; residential or commerical; in the public sector or as part of an industrial development, in terms of both capacity and design aesthetics the Terrain range of products is impossible to beat. Each Terrain system comprises fully integrated gutter and downpipe assemblies as well as outlets for balconies and flat roofs, and includes all the fittings and accessories needed for easy installation.

Features and benefits

  • Captive seals in all gutter systems
  • Combination clipping system for quick reliable installation
  • Fixing locations positioned outside the wet areas
  • Expansion markings on ALL gutter fixings
  • Dry jointed spigot-socket downpipe system
  • Complies to EN607/EN12200/EN1462

Roof and Balcony Outlets

Outlets available for all flat roof and balcony structures and drain vent systems for large roof areas use Terrain Hydrolylax Siphonic system see page 41 for further details.

Large square profile

A high capacity system ideal for commercial properties and larger houses. Can drain roof areas up to 29-rlmz vvith a single dovvnpipe. Capacity per outlet 6.1 1 litresfsec.

True half-round profile

Ideal for houses smaller commercial buildings and offices. Can drain roof areas up to 122m2 with a single downpipe Capacity per outlet 2 54 litresfsec

Deep elliptical profile

A high capacity system suiting all styles of property. Ideal for large roof areas or areas with higher than normal rainfall. Can drain roof areas up to 266m2 with a single downpipe. Capacity per outlet 5.53 litresfsec.

Square profile

A popular modern system suiting domestic houses bungalows and conservatories. Can drain roof areas up to 149m2 with a single downpipe Capacity per outlet 3.11 litres/sec.

Ogee profile

Ideal for the more distinctive house, also suiting bungalows and conservatories. Can drain roof areas up to 242m2 with a single downpipe. Capacity per outlet 5.04 litres/sec.

Polypipe Terrain provides a comprehensive portfolio of drainage products and systems that are appropriate for a wide and varied range of commercial, industrial, housing and public sector applications, enabling the integration of an all-round drainage solution from a single specialist manufacturer.

Our unique approach to research and development consistently produces innovative new products that satisfy customer requirements. These are reflected across every area of Polypipe Terrain's range - from the new Terrain Acoustic dB 12 acoustically-insulated soil and waste products through to the Terrain FUZE drainage system which is ideal for non-pressure above ground applications. Each product bears the Polypipe Terrain hallmarks of high quality construction and reliability in use and all are backed by the company's outstanding technical advice and customer support service.


Having pioneered the development of solvent-welded systems, Terrain soil and waste products represent the industry benchmark for quality, installation flexibility and product innovation backed by the highest levels of customer service. Terrain systems include an extensive range of soil and waste drainage products for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments, all built on the strength of our Terrain brand.

Systems include solvent-welded and push-fit options for both soil and waste drainage; overflow and trap systems; and a comprehensive range of adaptors and accessories. Products are available in a range of colours.

  • Industry leading range of solvent and push-fit soil and waste solutions.
  • Unique producst offer unrivalled installation options.
  • High quality finish colour matched to Terrain rainwater systems.
  • Suitable for commercial and domestic installations.

Terrain Soil System

82, 110 and 160mm P‘v’Cu soil pipes and fittings

  • Wide range of bends, branches and access fittings to meet all aplication requirements
  • Great problem solving products in the range

Terrain Waste System

Push-fit polypropylene system

  • 32, 40 and 50mm integrated systems
  • Quickand easy to install
  • Saves time and labour costs

Terrain Soil System

82, 110, 160, 200 and 250mm PVCu soil pipes and fittings for push-fit

  • Saves time and labour costs
  • Also for use with Terrain roof outlets for rainwater drainage

Terrain Traps

Polypropoylene traps

  • 32 and 40mm polypropylene traps
  • range includes self resealing bottle traps
  • All traps have universal compression outlets which, in addition to all terrain waste pipes, will accept other MuPVC waste pipe

Terrain Waste System

Solvet-welded MuPVC system

  • 32, 40 and 50mm integrated systems
  • Wide range of bends and adaptors
  • Integrated floor gullies

Solvent-welded PVCu system for cold, non-pressure water

  • 19mm PVCu pipe and fittings
  • range of tank connectors

A modern high density polyethylene system with many advantages over cast iron and other traditional systems. Terrain FUZE is a top-to-bottom solution for all above ground drainage and many chemical waste applications. It allows specifiers and installers to benefit by providing them maximum flexibility in the design process.

Utilising the intrinsic properties of high-density polyethylene, Terrain FUZE offers greater benefits above and beyond more traditional materials and performs significantly better when tested for impact and abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion and extreme temperatures. The lightweight nature of Terrain FUZE allows the product to be installed quickly and efficiently, giving direct, resource-saving benefits to specifiers and installers.

HDPE offers exceptional performance above and beyond traditional pipe materials including:

  • Versatile application
  • Highly resistant to impact even at low temperatures
  • Highly resistant to chemical agents
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Ideal for pre-fabrication
  • Suitable for use with Terrain HydroMaxTM Siphonic System

Terrain Acoustic dB12

Acoustic drainage system with superior performance
We all know how much noise water can make when it travels through a building and hovv intrusive this sound can be. In endeavouring to meet sound controls within Building Regulations, additional materials and labour are required, increasing the cost and time on site. Terrain Acoustic dBl2 is a complete acoustic drainage system designed to reduce the effect of noise.

Terrain Acoustic dBl 2 multilayer drainage pipe with acoustic fittings creates a high quality durable and reliable system developed specifically to meet construction requirements for increased level of soundproofing, and ideally suitable for: Mixed development, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Commercial applications.

Advanced technology and performance
Terrain Acoustic dB12 has been specifically developed for acoustic soil applications, with four sizes of pipe from 40mm - 160mm and a comprehensive range of fittings to provide complete solution for acoustic amnagement of soil pipes.

Terrain Acoustic db12 multilayer pipe and acoustic fittings have been tested to the most recent European accreditations for airborne and impact noise, at the highly respected Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart.

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