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Drainage and Water Pipes

                                                                  Drainage and Water Supply Pipes

 Polypipe Terrain

Polypipe Terrain provides a comprehensive portfolio of drainage products and systems that are appropriate for a wide and varied range of commercial, industrial, housing and public sector applications, enabling the integration of an all-round drainage solution from a single specialist manufacturer.

Our unique approach to research and development consistently produces innovative new products that satisfy customer requirements. These are reflected across every area of Polypipe Terrain’s range – from the new Terrain Acoustic dB 12 acoustically-insulated soil and waste products through to the Terrain FUZE drainage system which is ideal for non-pressure above ground applications. Each product bears the Polypipe Terrain hallmarks of high quality construction and reliability in use and all are backed by the company’s outstanding technical advice and customer support service.

Sustainable Products

Finding sustainable product solutions is another of our ongoing commitments. The rainwater harvesting system together with other water management solutions such as sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) are examples of a range of environmental management solutions that Polypipe Terrain can offer.

Sustainable Materials

Plastics – which feature among the most researched materials in the world – are integral to sustainable development. Thinner, lighter and more robust than most traditional materials thanks to continuous technological innovation, they help reduce energy use – and therefore greenhouse gases.

Sustainable Processes

Polypipe Terrain has always been committed to reducing waste and to recycling as much as possible of what we do produce. These commitments apply to our manufacturing processes, recycling, waste policy and transport. Everyone at Polypipe Terrain understands the importance of contiunuing to develop sustainable processes in everything that we do.

Terrain HydroMax
Terrain HydroMax provides an advanced Siphonic Roof Drainage solution offering full compliance with BS 8490:2007 using TERRAIN FUZE BBA certified pipes and fittings. Terrain’s self-cleaning, high velocity flow HydroMax siphonic roof drainage system offers a quick and efficient way to remove large volumes of rainwater from roofs in controlled manner. Designed to accommodate recent changes in storm patterns, as stipulated in bS EN 12056-3:2000 it uses siphonic principles to ‘suck’ the rainwater from the roof into small diameter pipes, creating a flow capacity up to ten times greater than that of an equivalent gravity-fed system.Specially designed high flow siphonic roof drain eliminates air ingress to promote speedy priming:

Pipes run horizontally within the building envelope

Reduces underground drainage requirements

Up to 45% cost saving overall

Exceptionally accurate design software

Easy routing of rainwater from the roof to desired discharge location, making the system an ideal partner for rainwater harvesting

Distinctive shapes I exceptional performance

Quality product, innovation and outstanding service – the combined promise that ensures every one of Terrain’s five rainwater drainage systems will surpass your requirements, whatever the installation you’re specifying. Large or small; residential or commercial.


; in the public sector or as part of an industrial development, in terms of both capacity and design aesthetics the Terrain range of products is impossible to beat. Each Terrain system comprises fully integrated gutter and downpipe assemblies as well as outlets for balconies and flat roofs, and includes all the fittings and accessories needed for easy installation.

Features and benefits

Captive seals in all gutter systems

Combination clipping system for quick reliable installation

Fixing locations positioned outside the wet areas

Expansion markings on ALL gutter fixings

Dry jointed spigot-socket downpipe system

Complies to EN607/EN12200/EN1462


Terrain Waste and Soil System


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