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Civil Pipes and Systems

                                                               Civil and Infrastructures Pipes and Systems

Water management strategies can no longer simply begin and end with the requirements of your project. As part of today’s holistic approach, they must integrate with wider policies on water collection and control established by Councils, Internal Drainage Boards, Highways Authorities and the Environment Agency.

Storage & Management of Rainwater

Storage is essential in SUDS design because it serves to remove or arrest water that could otherwise go on to overwhelm drains, sewers and rivers during extreme storm events or periods of sustained rainfall. It can comprise of large volume, underground tanks of the kind used in major commercial, civils and infrastructure projects, or shallower ‘modular’ techniques. We will advise you on which products are right for your project and on how they integrate with other systems as part of water re-use, attenuation or treatment processes.


Our large diameter plastic pipe can be used to form a robust underground storage tank matching your exact project specifications. Value engineered to a precise profile strength and pipe stiffness, it combines exceptional performance with flexibility that allows it to adapt under settlement and surface traffic loads without loss of structural integrity.

Polystorm Lite

Polystorm Lite is designed for lightly loaded and pedestrianised areas such as shopping centres, parks and sports fields. Because it shares the same interlocking mechanism, it can be combined with Polystorm and Polystorm Xtra in a value-engineered hybrid solution to accommodate a broad range of surface loadings and ground conditions.


Polystorm modular cells combine in an
interlocking raft to provide water storage beneath paved areas such as car parks and shopping centres. Each cell has a 95% water capture volume to provide a highly efficient, SUDS compliant water storage, attenuation or soakaway , solution. For projects which have high sustainability targets, Polystorm is also available manufactured from recycled materials. Polystorm-R meets the same performance standards as Polystorm.

Polystorm Xtra

Designed for car parks, lorry parks, warehouse aprons and other intensively trafficked areas, Polystorm Xtra’s 80 tonne per square metre loading means it can be stacked and buried at greater depths to create a higher volume storage capacity. It can also be combined with other Polystorm products in a versatile hybrid solution


Charcon Permavoid is a geocellular system designed to provide groundwater storage in shallower applications. Although it uses the same modular principle, it is half the depth of Polystorm modular cells, allowing it to be used in areas where excavation is limited by ground conditions or high water table.


One of the key aims of SUDS regulations is to ensure runoff rates from developed areas match those of the original, undeveloped site. The Stormcheck vortex flow control system offers a way to regulate run-off rates by controlling how quickly water is released into rivers and streams. As part of a total water management solution, it provides precise, predictable flow rates in a durable sealed unit that requires very little maintenance or cleaning.

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