A Top Engineering Company in Nigeria

A Company founded by Nigerian Engineers with a passion to elevate the practice of Engineering in Africa to attain world class standards through a continuous adaptation of new ideas and technological innovations in a changing world to resolve local Engineering challenges and deliver exceptional values and quality.

Our shared aspiration
is to become

the market leader in the Nigerian construction industry and
a major Global EPC contractor by the year 2020.

L everaging our access to technology and competence in Materials Engineering as competitive edge to deliver superior service that all stakeholders can trust and take pride in, so that through our business and the practice of our profession in its best tradition, we will contribute significantly to the challenge of resolving the forces of nature for the need and convenience of man while contributing to the infrastructural and socio-economic transformation of our part of the world.

For over a decade, people and companies around the world have looked up to Schwartz to make their projects easier with an expansive line of geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners, geocomposites and concrete protection, Schwartz continues to meet customer solutions; something that you will not likely see anywhere else.

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Shore Protection

Schwartz Kristoffel is a leading marketer of geosysnthetic lining products and services with a worldwide presence in the following markets: stormwater retention, waste containment, wastewater and other industrial applications.

SchwartzProcta (Pipeline Protection)

They provide protection against abrasive objects after installation, prohibiting geological ground movements from damaging pipeline Cushions and also, the impact of rocks and other delet